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The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures

When you start out as a fisherman you will quickly notice that there are many different lures and baits to choose from each one being different in size and styles to snag a fish. Experienced fishermen tend to find their favourites and fill their tackle boxes with lures that have worked for them, however, for new anglers the process can be intimidating. The lures are designed to target specific fish species as well as keeping some other factors in mind such as how deep the water is, the type of current you want to use it in, fishing from shore or by boat, the water temperature and whether it is to be used in fresh or salt water.

Here are few types of live as well as artificial baits to help you make a better buying decision.

Artificial Baits

Jigs – These are designed to look like crawfish and have weighted hooks with a lead head. This lure is used to catch squid or cuttlefish and can be used to a depth of 300 yards.

Poppers – These are also known as stick baits or surface lures as they are designed to float on water and often make bubbling or buzzing sound as they move but fishing with them takes a lot of practice.

Spoon Lures – These are small concave metallic lures that wobble as they move through the water. They are made of shiny and reflective material to attract the fish and have one or more hooks.

Soft Plastic Lures – These lures are versatile and make it possible to mould accurate representation of everything from simple worms to frogs and shellfish. They have realistic colours and a convincing texture that attracts the fish.

Live Baits

Worms – These are cheap and work really well for most freshwater species both small and large. The only disadvantage is that if the current is strong and fish nibbles it then you need to use many.

Leeches – These are good alternative to worms in situations when water is rough or the fish keep nibbling the worms. 

Crickets – These are not used much but work well for certain species. Bass tend to go crazy along with several crappie and panfish species.

Wax worms – These are great for fish species with smallmouth such as white fish but are not used commonly and also do not work well for larger fish.

So, these are some of the fishing lures you can buy.